Is It Time For A Bathroom Refurb?

Here in the UK we spend 1 and ½ years of our entire life in the bathroom. That’s why it needs to have that perfect look. If your bathroom is missing that perfect look, maybe it’s time to get a new bathroom installed. Below we’ve outlined a couple more signs that show that now is the right time to get a bathroom refurb.

Dislike the existing bathroom

This is the most obvious sign. If you really dislike your existing bathroom and are embarrassed about letting family and friends use it, it’s definitely time to call a bathroom fitter and get a refurb.

Family changes

If your family has grown in size and you’ve now got two small children running around, maybe it’s time to get that double sink installed and make the dreaded morning routine that little bit faster. On the other hand, if your family has decreased in size and the children have finally moved out, maybe it’s time to turn the family bathroom into your bathroom. Remove the old shower and bathtub and replace it with an all-singing, all-dancing shower unit.

Bathroom décor

Design trends move on fast. If it feels like you have to walk through a time machine to get into your shower, it’s definitely time for a bathroom refurb.

Bathroom technologies

Just as design trends move on fast, so do technology trends. If you haven’t updated your bathroom for 10-15 years, your bathroom could take advantage of new eco-friendly toilets, sensor taps and underfloor heating too. You’ll be able to show off your new bathroom to family and friends.

Damp in the bathroom

Not only is damp and mould in the bathroom unpleasing to the eye, it can also be damaging for your health. Damp and mould accumulates where the moisture in the air is unable to escape, largely as a result of a poor ventilation system. If your bathroom has mould, at least consider upgrading your ventilation system or if you want to get rid of it altogether, why not get a new bathroom?

New home?

Different people have different tastes. If you’ve recently moved home and dislike the bathroom used by the previous tenants, make sure to get the bathroom refurbished now before it gets pushed back for another few years.

Faulty plumbing work

If you’re tired of your shower and toilet leaking half way through the night, it’s time to get it fixed. Why not get it fixed and get a new bathroom instead?

If you would like a new bathroom and need a bathroom fitter to install it in the Ripley area, please get in touch. You can fill out our contact form or you can give us a call on 07817 855739 or 01773 690906. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.