Is Your Boiler Due An Imminent Repair?

Sometimes boilers can breakdown out of the blue, but often they give out warning signs. It’s important to be able to spot the signs of an imminent boiler repair so you can avoid the costs of a boiler replacement…

No warm water?

This is a sign that you don’t need our help with identifying, but if you’ve just turned your shower on and noticed a lack of warm water, even after waiting for the tank to refill, you might have a problem with your boiler. A lack of warm water might be as a result of an issue with the airlock or a failure in the motorised valve. Either way, it needs to be checked by a qualified gas engineer.

Alternatively, if you find that you need to consistently wait for the tank to refill, it might be worth upgrading your boiler with a new system; there are lots of benefits...

Cold radiators?

Cold radiators can often be fixed with a simple bleed/rebalance. If that fails, you could try a power flush. If that fails, or you feel that you need to constantly use the above recommendations, you could have a much deeper issue with your boiler.

Low water pressure?

Check the pressure of your boiler by looking at the pressure gauge. If the reading given is below 1, we’d recommend calling out a boiler repair specialist in Ripley to rebalance the pressure.

Boiler noises?

A boiler due an imminent repair will make strange noises. These noises might range from kettling noises to gurgling and loud bangs. If you can hear kettling noises (similar to the sound of a kettle boiling), it might indicate that there is a build up of lime scale on the heat exchanger. This problem is common in areas with hard water, like in Ripley, for example. However, it can also occur in areas with soft water too.

Alternatively, if you can hear gurgling or loud bangs, it might be a sign of trapped air in the system. Call out a heating engineer so they can displace the air.

Leaky pipes?

Pipes can leak where there is a break in either the pump seal or the pressure valve. If the pump seal is at fault, it’s often a case of simply replacing it. If the pressure valve is at fault, it’s often a case of turning down the pressure. Either way, it’s highly important that this gets fixed urgently because gas leaks are extremely dangerous!

Does the boiler keep on turning off?

If your boiler keeps on turning off, it might be a sign of a problem with the boilers water pressure, thermostat or an indication that there are frozen condensate pipes.

Do you need to hire a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer to repair your boiler in Ripley? If so, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call on 07817 855739 or 01773 690906. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.