Benefits Of Getting A New Boiler

Boilers might seem like an expensive acquisition at first, but there are a number of benefits that we think make the installation of a brand new one completely worthwhile. They might even save you money in the long-term. Take a read as to how…

Lower energy bills

A new boiler can reduce your annual energy bills. Lets be honest, need we say anymore?

All boilers that are manufactured and sold in the UK are rated from A to G by the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers Scheme. Boilers that are rated “A” achieve efficiency levels over 90%, whilst boilers that are graded “G” achieve efficiency levels below 70%. To put this into perspective, if you upgrade from a G-rated boiler to a new A-rated boiler, you could make annual savings of up to £300 – therefore recouping the costs of a brand new boiler in no time. Not to forget, a new A-rated boiler is a great selling point should you ever choose to sell your home in the future. You can’t lose.

New extended manufacture guarantee

Most manufacturers offer extended manufacture guarantees with their boilers upon installation. Of course, most are also dependent on an annual boiler service, which has benefits in its own right as we’ve discovered in a previous post, but a new manufacture guarantee can give you complete peace of mind that should anything happen to your boiler, you’ll be completely covered.

For instance, as a Baxi approved installer, we can offer a 10-year guarantee covering both parts and labour on a large number of combination boilers. That’s 10 years with complete peace of mind! Remembering the savings that we mentioned above, that’s £3000 saved over that same period.

Faster boiler repair times

Boilers can breakdown from time to time. It’s like owning a car; there isn’t much that you can do other than provide annual maintenance and ensure that it is well looked after. However, if it does breakdown before you decide to replace it, it’s important to remember that newer boilers are significantly easier and faster to fix. Why? There are considerably less moving parts in newer boilers and we can source the remaining moving parts much faster. Again, imagine owning a car and trying to source parts for a 1950’s Jaguar, it’ll take a while to source them. This principle is very much similar with boilers. Avoid extended periods of downtime by installing a new boiler.

Smaller and quieter

Old boilers are bulkier and significantly less attractive than newer boilers (as attractive as boilers can be). Make room for the important things in life and grab yourself some extra storage with a new boiler. This is particularly the case with new combination boilers that do not need a huge storage tank! They are also much quieter, particularly if your boiler is on the verge of a breakdown.

To summarise, a new boiler can reduce your annual energy bills, give you a brand new manufacture guarantee, minimise downtime and are significantly smaller and quieter than ever before. Surely a new boiler is a no brainer? If you are based in Ripley or the rest of Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire and would like to get in touch and get a new boiler installed, please give us a call on 07817 855739 or 01773 690906. We’d love to give you a hand.